• Basic Practitioner Certification Workshop

    10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th June 2017 | 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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  • Yesterday I was clever,
    so I wanted to change the world.
    Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

    - Rumi

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  • Don't let people pull you into their storm.
    Pull them into your peace.

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  • None can destroy iron, but its own rust can!
    Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can...

    Mr. Ratan Tata

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Our Deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our Deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are we not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fears,
our presence automatically liberates others.
- Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech, 1994


"YES! I CAN" is about asking: What are my beliefs? Are my beliefs empowering me?
If the answer is YES then ask “How do I enhance my beliefs inorder to make the most of my inner potential?”
If the answer is NO, that means you have self-limiting beliefs such as:
• I am not good enough
• I am worthless
Where did these beliefs come from? Are they your own beliefs or have you absorbed these beliefs from your ecology (parents, grandparents, friends, extended family etc.)?
Knoweldge is freedom, once you know, then you can let go off self-limiting beliefs.
YOU cannot change the world, but if YOU change YOURSELF, the world around YOU changes.
"YES! I CAN" is a call for awakening the light within. It is about creating awareness about our true potential. The moment you become aware of your purpose in life, that moment is worth celebrating.
"YES! I CAN" helps introduce you to yourself, to know yourself better, to perform better and excel in all walks of life and live your dreams.
The focus is on making learning fun and more effective with the help of real life scenarios.
Our training is comprehensive and designed to give our participants in-depth knowledge, build hands on skills, and enable them to achieve much more in life.

The founder of "YES! I CAN", Veenu Shivdasani always believed that she could make a difference in the lives of people. Her aim was to have her own training and development house where she could inspire and guide people to believe in themselves.
Her aspiration is now to make every participant unleash the potential within and believe "YES! I CAN"….achieve, aspire, influence, inspire, not only self but also others and make this world a better place to live in.
“Don’t ask; what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive” – Howard Thruman, African American author, philosopher, theologian, educator and civil rights leader.
Introduction to NLP

NLP represents an attitude of mind and a way of being in the world.
NLP is practical. It is a set of models, skills and techniques for thinking and acting effectively in the world. The purpose of NLP is to be useful, to increase choices and to enhance the quality of life.
The most important questions to ask about what you find in this training workshop are:
Is it useful?
Does it work?
Find out where it does not work and then change it until it does. That is the spirit of NLP.
NLP is best experienced live. Read the menu, and if you like what you read, enjoy the meal.
A photograph never was the person.
A stepping stone is not the journey.
A musical score is not the sound.
There is no magic, only magicians and people’s perceptions.
NLP is like a hologram. Every part connects to every other part. It is a systemic model. However NLP spreads, there are two ideas that stay constant.
1. NLP embodies the attitude of fascination with people. How do they do what they do?
2. The modelling skills: looking constantly for excellence in the world so you can model it and use it.
Excellence is all around, sometimes so obvious that we miss it. NLP is about always increasing the choices you have, and we understand by acting and experimenting, not by thinking about it.


Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP)
Practitioners Certification Workshop

NLP: thinking, words and behaviour
The way you think affects the internal and external language you use and the concepts you hold. This in turn affects the way you behave. We can change our behaviour by changing our thinking and we can change our emotional state by changing our behaviour. It is a dynamic and synergistic process.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides a model that defines:
Neuro – Your thinking processes; the way you use your senses of sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell to understand what is happening around you.
Linguistic – Your words; the way you use language and how it influences you and those around you. Do your words and the stories you tell put you down or build you up?
Programming – Your behaviour patterns and emotions; how desired habits and attitudes become ingrained and the way you organize your ideas and actions.
The key benefits of NLP for you are:
In Business & Your Career
Get what you want by effectively managing your internal mindset and influencing others to happily work with you to achieve your dreams
Overcome the hurdles which prevent you from taking your business or career to the next level
Learn how to motivate yourself and others with ease
Learn to use language with greater precision and elegance so that you and others can get what you want
Think better, think more clearly and make better decisions
Within Yourself, Your Relationships and Learning
Quickly identify and break through the limitations that are holding you back in business and in life... Once you break through these, your business and personal life will never be the same again.
Master your subconscious mind so that you can learn more quickly than traditional teaching methods could ever allow
Learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before
Master your own emotions so that you handle all eventualities easily
Gain that vital edge that makes you a far more effective and powerful communicator
Enhance your personal relationships
Develop instant confidence

Sign up for the 5 days National Federation for Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NFNLP- USA) certification workshop, unleash the power within you and unravel your true identity.

Details of the workshop:
Basic Practitioner Certification Workshop
Date: 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th June 2017
Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

*Attending the workshop for all 5 days is mandatory.
*The programme cost includes, manual, hand outs, meals (breakfast-lunch-tea) & activity equipment for the 5 day workshop.

For registration, please dial +91 9890924059 or mail us on


I attended an organizational training program with Veenu in 2006. It was an ice-breaking experience towards personal and professional development. Veenu followed focused workshop activities to bring out the best out of team and individuals using NLP. I had first-hand experience to learn new skills at personality development. Veenu has strong interpersonal skills and swift approach in analyzing the strengths and leveraging them to help progress the individuals. I have known her for over a decade now. Also have had opportunities to involve her in helping my teams improve their results enabling good progress at projects I managed. I recommend Veenu as Coach and Trainer who can help transform you. I wish Veenu and "Yes I Can..." best of their efforts with lots of blessings and support.
Anand Patwa
Executive Director
"I was really fortunate to attend the 5 days NLP training conducted by Veenu Shivdasani. Various NLP sessions conducted by Veenu helped me to remove my limiting beliefs (mind barriers) and helped to focus on my strengths, goals, improve communication and build roadmap for future. NLP taught that all resources to succeed in life, enrich and enjoy life are already within me and it is just matter of mobilizing them. This understanding was transformational and now NLP has become part of my life. As a trainer, Veenu has deep understanding of this subject and is full of energy. She makes you feel relaxed and keeps it very interactive. I would surely recommend NLP Training and Veenu."
Ashish Joshi, Director
Enterprise Shared Services, Saama Technologies
“What do you say about someone who is perhaps the most extraordinary person you will ever meet in your life. Veenu Shivdasani is that person and more. I met Veenu in order to understand about NFNLP course, what all it offers and how can it help me in enhancing the quality of my personal and professional life.
The first two meets with Veenu not only brought clarity in my vision about NLP course but also built trust and confidence in her which allowed me to start a life-changing, beautiful journey on this path.
Veenu Shivdasani is a uniquely-gifted, very-intelligent, compassionate individual. Through the truly amazing and magical knowledge of NLP techniques,she has helped me to believe and have complete FAITH in myself. I am eternally grateful for her guidance.
Shweta Hasarmani
Soft Skills Trainer
While you are browsing through this site and landed on this page, I am sure you are in search of something for YOURSELF. So was I even without visiting this site.
Thank you for landing on this page to read what I want to share from my end to you and all who look forward to enjoy every day of our journey on earth, give our life a very beautiful shape, while we love our own selves to start with.
My connect with Yes I Can- It all started from the day I met Veenu in 2006 for few minutes scattered across months. After which we never met for years but, the need for the connect was answered by the universe so soon when I asked for someone who can take me to myself.The one-to-one sessions with her were great. Every minute of the session was a minute that I lived with myself. It gave me an opportunity to listen to myself and understand myself as ‘I am’. All the assumptions and made to believe facts due to various influential factors of life were erased and I started knowing myself better. It helped me in accepting myself as ‘I am’. The journey that had stopped somewhere started afresh again with a new beginning in itself.Then came the opportunity of training it was the second batch and I was lucky to get this gift. The training was awesome and enabled total concentration on myself for throughout the seven days while back home I was with all of my loved ones around. I developed a great bonding with myself. I could sense that I had left myself far behind, busy catering to the needs of all around at home and at work. The journey has a wonderful path ahead. While I understand it’s more of efforts at my end to live the beautiful NLP life, I have already started living it to great extent in such a short time while I have hardly covered any distance on this path.
She being there and her guidance has stood by me whenever I miss connect. She helps me to come back to this wonderful path. I sense the beauty of life in all that happens throughout the day and while I go to sleep too. Life at home has changed and I know it will get more beautiful as I move ahead. I enjoy the comedy of Sadism, bureaucratic approaches at office too. Every day becomes a wonderful short story.
I thank the wonderful soul Veenu and Yes! I can.
Thanks for reading my sharing.
Aarthi Gaikwad
Well NLP, has made a huge shift in my journey called life. NLP have changed the entire route and my destination after NLP. I might sound like I am over selling the program but that is not true. I am being very honest. I have dropped my emotional baggage completely and have started travelling light. Anyway it was not useful....I was paying for extra weight which was not even usefulsome of the most important take home messages
1. I have learnt it is not important what you say but how you say it.
2. Not to make non issues into issues.
3. I have learnt to accept myself as I am and have started loving myself.
4.It has also helped me to work better in my professional life and better decision making.
5. Ihave learnt to respond and not react.
6.I am a confident person today
Manisha Sanghavi
Executive Director
It gives me immense satisfaction to write the below testimonial.
"We are amazed by the way Veenu guided, mentored and motivated us throughout our one day training on communication, rapport & Team building.
Besides training on topics, Veenu also guided us on life coaching & value system.
We being a team had a wonderful experience where every one of us learnt a new view of accepting life in an affirmative direction and enjoying it to the fullest.
This was a great platform for us to connect within. The interaction of each of us has increased and is ultimately going to lead us towards individual progress and company’s growth. Team activity made us more comfortable to know each other's strengths & weaknesses and still able to deliver results. We will repeat such training events to grow Output Consulting exponentially."
Jayant Malwadkar
Founder & Partner
I did NLP when I was 18. On the first day of class,I had no idea about what NLP meant. It has a big meaning and a larger impact on lives. As a person,I was really impatient, lazy, harsh, stubborn, but after doing the course,I realized that all such behavior wasn't because of me but others interference in my life. NLP doesn't teach you to stop socializing but enhances it by not getting affected by others negatively. We are the ones to be blamed for our own sadness. NLP helped me become optimistic,gave me confidence to face situations and people,solutions to problems and made me a better person. This 7 day course gave me a chance to understand what I am and helped me focus on my target. Lastly,I am really thankful to Veenu for this wonderful experience because of which I use NLP in my day to day life. A must do program for all who want to know self and enhance the potential within!
Nidhi Sajnani
Pursuing BSC – Fashion Design
NLP is a life changing experience that makes you aware of who you are, what do you want from life and what are you doing with it. In 7 days of session with Veenu, I could realise and feel the real me. Lots of things, emotions used to hold me back from thinking positive and act constructive, which through NLP techniques, information and strategies have overcome lot of fear/ sadness and negative attitude from within.I learnt to love myself the way I am and forgive myself first in order to do the same for others.I became receptive to all good. Now, whosoever says anything to me doesn't matter till I don't want it.NLP is not a medicine or a magic that may change one’s life instantly.The regular practice of it makes your life wonderful.
Nidhi Agarwal
Technical Head


What is NLP?
NLP is about a way of studying how people excel in any field and teaching these patterns to others.
NLP is the art and science of personal Excellence.
Art because everyone brings their unique personality and style to what they do, and this can never be captured in words or techniques.
Science because there is a method and process for discovering the patterns used by outstanding individuals in any field to achieve outstanding results.
This process is called modelling, and the patterns, skills and techniques so discovered are being used increasingly in counselling, education and business for more effective communication, personal development and accelerated learning.
What can NLP do?
Have you ever done something so elegantly and effectively that it took your breath away?
Have you had times when you were really delighted at what you did and wondered how you did it?
NLP shows you how to understand and model your own successes, so that you can have many more of those moments. It is a way of discovering and unfolding your personal genius, a way of bringing out the best in yourself and others.
NLP is a practical skill that creates the results we truly want in the world while creating value for others in the process. It is the study of what makes the difference between the excellent and the average. It also leaves behind a trail of extremely effective techniques for education, counselling, business and therapy.
Where is NLP useful?
NLP is valuable wherever human communication skills can enhance results: in business consultation, management, negotiation, education, counselling, therapy, relationships, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance and many other areas.
What kind of results can I get with NLP?
NLP can allow a therapist to change the impact of the past on a client, a teacher to change a poor speller into a good speller, a business person to gain rapport nonverbally and to run meetings efficiently, an athlete to improve concentrations, and more.
How did NLP get its name?
The term Neuro linguistic Programming was introduced by Alfred HabdankSkarbek Korzybski. This is also the same man who quoted, “ God may forgive you for your sins but your nervous system won’t.”
NLP is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics, and systems theory.
Neuro - Linguistic Programming provides a model that enhances understanding of:
Neuro – Your thinking processes; the way you use your senses of sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell to understand what is happening around you.
Linguistic – Your words; the way you use language and how it influences you and those around you. Do your words and the stories you tell put you down or build you up?
Programming – Your behavior pattern and emotions; how desired habits and attitudes become ingrained and the way you organize your ideas and actions.
NLP enables you to replace negative behavior and habits with positive ones.

History of NLP
NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970s as they set out to identify the patterns used by outstanding therapists who achieved excellent results with clients. They discovered a number of processes which they fitted into an accessible model to enhance effective communication, personal change and personal development. They attempted to ‘get under the skin’ of Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson to understand both how they reached their levels of excellence and how to reproduce their skills. Bandler and Grinder wanted to be able to communicate and work with people as effectively as possible. They used their path to discovery as a way of showing others how to achieve success, too. They began to develop NLP by doing it.

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